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A Big Impact in a Small Community

Posted on March 02 2018

Located in South Central Connecticut sits the city of Meriden. It’s home to approximately 60,000 people, including 22-year-old National Guard member Bernabe Bauza Jr.

What makes Bauza stand out in his New England community is his drive to help others.

He makes a living as a certified personal trainer at a local gym, motivating people to live healthy lifestyles one training session at a time.

Bauza has worked out since he was 18 years old, which is about the same time that he became a trainer. It’s a job he enjoys doing every day. “My love for fitness is not for me to keep to myself, but for me to share with anyone who is willing to be receptive to it.”

A typical day for him includes waking up early and training several clients including people of all ages and fitness goals.

Bauza said people constantly ask him for advice as it relates to staying in shape. Many of them want to look like him, toned and with abs. “I can tell people all day long what I do to maintain my physique, but my practices will not necessarily work for someone else. We are all different. Training is just 30 percent of the work, the remainder is all diet”

He creates specific training programs for each of his clients based on their body composition, strengths, weaknesses and goals.

For the most part, Bauza keeps his diet clean by eating lots of greens, but like most of us, he will enjoy pizza every now and then. “It’s just something I can’t live without.”

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  • Robert Boehr: January 30, 2020

    This kid is a criminal. He pulled a gun out on another person right outside my window in attempt to murder. Police did nothing because they wanted to wait until he was off probation to arrest him since they knew him. This was in Meriden, CT right outside a school district.

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