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A New Direction

Posted on March 02 2018

It’s a brutally cold morning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Kimberly Komar, 41, is waking up to start her day.

It’ll be about another hour before the sunrise, but the mother of three is putting on her sweats, ready to kick off her day with a good workout.

Although it’s freezing outside and snow is covering the ground, Komar isn’t planning to leave her home.

That’s because she has a full collection of home workout videos that train her just as hard as a gym session can.

Komar has worked out for nearly five years, striving to make fitness a part of her life as she gets older. “I haven’t always been in shape. When I was younger, I was a bigger girl and remained that way through high school and part of my adulthood. I didn’t have many friends and wasn’t always social and outgoing.”

She has overcome quite a few challenges in her life that have made her the strong person she is today.

Komar was sexually abused as a child and never told anyone. She held it all in until she got older. “This weighed on my confidence and self-esteem. I thought I was worthless and I would never meet anyone. I really thought nothing of myself.”

Unfortunately, she later found herself in an abusive relationship that didn’t just impact her, but also her children.

Komar used food to deal with her situation. She covered up her emotions with her weight by eating. “I was told that I should stay big, but that was not who I was! I decided I was not going to let this happen anymore. I stood up to that person and said, ‘You are not going to do this to me and my family anymore.’ We went our separate ways and I changed my life for myself and my children.”

This new direction motivated her to enroll at a gym and cook healthy foods instead of frying most of her meals.

Komar was in the gym at least five days a week, training for two hours nonstop. “In 2015, a Beachbody coach saw my social media posts that showed me in the gym working out and he reached out to me. This person, who now is my coach, gave me the tools I needed to start getting some of the results I was missing.”

He helped Komar improve her diet through portion control containers, home workouts and inspired her to join an online accountability group. “My Beachbody coach was there and is still there for me all the time. The period I was working out at home gave me more time with my children versus being in the gym for two hours a day.”

Komar said she has more time and freedom while working out at home. “I get up every morning and push the play button. I don’t have to get up in the morning to warm up my car, drive to the gym, spend two hours there and drive home to get ready for work. I can throw on my clothes and get a workout in for 30 minutes and still feel like I was at the gym for two hours.”

Since being involved with Beachbody, she has become a coach as well. “Beachbody teaches personal development and this has been the whole key of who I am today. I want to pass that on to the next person. I am inspiring others that health and fitness can help people overcome obstacles in their lives.”

Some of her role models at Beachbody include Autumn Calabrese, Tony Horton and Shaun T.

As a mother, her hope is to show her children the importance eating right and staying active. “We must be the best influence for our children. I teach my kids to start while they are young with eating right and working out because when they are older they will have the skills that they need to live a healthier and longer life. They can also pass it onto their family.”


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