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Posted on March 02 2018

Nate Kacirek’s health and fitness goals include working out on a consistent basis. You can find the 31-year-old web developer in the gym six days a week, a training schedule he hopes to maintain. Kacirek’s workouts consist mostly of cardio, resistance training, while making sure his workouts are low impact on his joints.

Kacirek said he also does interval training and stays focused during his workouts to maximize his time in the gym. “I have an intense workout in a small amount of time. I only work out for 30 to 40 minutes. I make sure those minutes are not easy. I’m no slouch.”

Like most people, Kacirek started on his fitness journey in January, but not necessarily because he made a new year’s resolution to lose weight or build muscle. During this time, he learned he suffered from depression and wanted to use the gym as a way to keep the effects minimal.

Kacirek said he didn’t realize he exhibited symptoms of the mood disorder until one day while he was at the office. “I was working at my job and one of my coworkers honestly told me I had a paranoid personality. When I went I home and asked my wife if I was a paranoid person and she said ‘absolutely.’ This was one moment that made me realize I needed an outlet for emotions.”

Off to a good start, Kacirek is feeling way better about himself thanks to his workouts. He said he has seen a noticeable difference in his productivity at work and his attitude toward stressful situations. “Generally, I have noticed being worn out physically gives me less energy to worry and be paranoid about things.”

Ultimately, he cares more about being consistent rather than seeing immediate physical results. Although, he has seen immediate results in how he’s feeling.

Kacirek said he mostly sticks to a healthy diet, but does enjoy French toast a few times a week.

According to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, nearly 15 million adults suffer from symptoms related to depression. If you experience symptoms such as prolonged sadness, unexplained crying spells or apprehension, consult your doctor.


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