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Posted on March 02 2018

Matt Meyer, 18, has quite a few fitness goals he is working toward reaching. The full-time student living in California hits the gym five days a week, all while attending school. Meyer said he’s worked out relentlessly for two years and has no intention of stopping. He wants to be a face in front of the fitness industry, achieving goals that others think he can’t and to prove his doubters wrong. “I have to keep fighting no matter what. My life’s purpose is to be as healthy as possible and to have a positive impact on people’s lives. I refuse to live day by day not being productive.”

Like most fitness enthusiasts, Meyer enjoys the gym and all that it encompasses. He said the gym allows him to meet people, network and of course, sculpt his physique. “Working out helps me feel whole . . . complete. It has to be a part of my routine, period.”

Meyer recalls several experiences that helped shape his love for fitness. He grew up playing sports, competing in basketball throughout high school. Today, his fit lifestyle has attracted a lot of attention from others around him. “Many people ask me how I stay in shape and I tell them that if you are not the person willing to get up at 4 A.M. or 5, then this is not for you. But as soon as you can have that mentality, then you can have the drive to get things done throughout your day.”

Besides being a role model for people, Meyer also turns to other fitness gurus for inspiration. He mainly looks up to fitness model Christian Guzman. “He tells everyone the truth about hard work and is a very knowledgeable guy.”

Putting his personal fitness journey aside, Meyer is currently creating his own fitness brand, RizeUpAthletics. He came up with the fitness apparel brand when he was scrambling around some ideas for the name. “My goal for the clothing brand is to help out kids with cancer. I want five percent of our yearly profit to benefit the American Childhood Cancer Organization. We want to have the motto: Create Your Mountain. No matter how hard life is never give up and keep going.”

So far, he has received positive reviews and his customers love the idea of his brand helping kids and inspiring others to stay strong through tough times. In addition to the clothing brand, he also hopes to open his own gym one day.


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