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Match Point

Posted on March 02 2018

“Tennis is close to my heart, I have always loved the game.” Fred Holding has played tennis for years. The 38-year-old higher education professional living in Durham, N.C. uses the sport as a way to stay healthy.

Holding enjoys the activity because of its competitiveness and health benefits. He said the game allows him to get a good workout in while having fun at the same time. “It’s a win-win situation.”

Holding wants to make sure he lives as long as possible, furthering his mission to remain active no matter what.

“With so many unhealthy distractions surrounding us such as smoking, the prevalence of fast-food restaurants and the lack of easy access to grocery stores in some of our communities, it’s vital to take control of my life and take care of my body.”

Although he doesn’t stick to a particular diet, Holding strives to incorporate fruits and vegetables as often as possible, drink water, reduce his sugar intake and keep fried foods to a minimum.

For those who are looking to begin a healthy regimen, Holding sums up his advice for others by saying a person who stays healthy and fit improves his/her quality of life and extends his/her life expectancy.

Although tennis is a main hobby, he also plays volleyball, basketball and runs.


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