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More than a Nickname

Posted on March 02 2018

During the week, you can catch Chris Fowler at the gym, lifting toward one goal or another. You can usually spot him at the squat rack, deadlift platform or bench press, depending on the muscle group he’s targeting.

The 32 year-old works out consistently five days a week, building up his strength and maintaining a lean physique, all in an effort to market himself for his career in entertainment.

“I’m a juggler. I perform at schools, churches, company events, birthday parties, wedding receptions … all sorts of places,” he said.

Fitness plays somewhat of a role in his juggling, helping him build up enough stamina, and maintain a fit appearance for his gigs. He said one skill where strength comes in handy is when he walks on stilts.

Chris started juggling for fun when he was twelve, but once he noticed he was good at it, he went after it, juggling professionally for the past 14 years. That’s how he got the nickname ‘Juggleboy.’

With more two decades of experience under his belt, he’s pretty much an expert at his job. “I don’t practice too much … it really depends on if I am working on new material. I get enough practice from spending 8-12 hours at the local mall each weekend performing.”

Other than his unique job, there are a handful of motivating factors that remind Chris why it’s important to stay in shape. Health problems such as obesity run in his family.

With no desire to walk down that path, he likes to know that he is generally prepared for physical activity, and that staying in shape feels good. “Taking care of your body is good for longevity, and how you take care of yourself is a reflection of your character. Your body is a temple.”

Chris lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and when he isn’t lifting or juggling, he’s playing video or trading card games.

You can also watch him live stream his games here. (

To learn more about his juggling and workouts, subscribe to his YouTube Channel: Juggleboy360.


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