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Posted on March 02 2018

Jon is adamant about living a healthy lifestyle, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The 25 year-old entrepreneur works as an independent contractor for Duke in Raleigh, North Carolina. He worked as a spinal rehab specialist for a year before this.

So determined, that he maintains a YouTube channel, Frederick Fitt, with several inspirational workout videos, making sure his fitness content stands out.

“When I’m recording movies, I use a lot of gear. The most exciting gear is my DJI drone. I use my drone to give a unique, fresh and dynamic aspect to fitness,” he explained.

There are countless YouTube Channels featuring fitness enthusiasts, and Jon realizes he has to be unique and creative to maintain and grow his audience. It helps that he has a true passion for cinematography.

Jon has used the tech-savvy equipment for nearly 8 months and got the idea from watching other channels. “I’ve seen other people do it and so I tried it. I want to be entertaining as well as maintain a high standard while showcasing the fitness lifestyle and my commitment to cinematic excellence.”

From way up high, you may not realize what truly motivates him. His love for fitness, like some of us, is partly rooted in family health issues.

Jon saw his grandparents die as a result of deteriorating health from Alzheimer’s, dementia and diabetes.

“I’m taking unfortunate experiences and creating something positive out of them. I want to live the best life possible, and one way to do that is by being physically healthy.”

To help him through tough situations, Jon has used the gym as a form of self-improvement and self-challenge, as he sought out the answers to difficult questions he has faced. It was often a therapeutic environment for him.

Jon’s has three questions for people desiring to start a health-conscious regimen. “Can I just… do one pushup? Can I just… jog for 30 seconds? Can I just … go to the gym for 10 minutes? You have to want it.”

As for his drone-infused videos on YouTube, his ultimate mission with YouTube is to reach and inspire at least one person. He used to be very skinny with an ectomorph body type (hard to put on muscle). If he inspires even just one person that anything is possible, his mission has been accomplished.

Here is one of Jon’s videos shot by a drone:

Here is one of Jon’s inspirational edits:

You can subscribe to Jon’s YouTube Channel here.

If you’re interested in exclusive Frederick Fitt Athletics apparel, you can contact Jon directly – very limited supplies available at this time.

Below are his other social media accounts.

Instagram: @frederickfitt

Facebook: frederickfitt


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