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Posted on March 02 2018

“Inhale, create length. Exhale, Child’s Pose. Melt into the mat.” Throughout the week, you’ll find Elyse Mickalonis teaching shamanic yoga classes in the Boston area and online.

She’s been teaching as a 240-hour certified yoga instructor for more than a year, but her history with the group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices runs deep, stemming from a cancer scare.

“It helped me understand what was important in life. I used yoga to realize that I could be in control of my health, and take charge of my life.”

This form of physical fitness that originated in ancient India is important to the 28 year-old television journalist on hiatus.

The New England resident believes everyone should try yoga no matter your skill level.

Elyse said it’s all about balance, moderation, and mixing it up. “We live in a world where there is so much going on, and often times we get stuck in it.”

According to the Yoga Alliance, 36.7 million Americans practice yoga, 72 percent are women while a staggering 28 percent are men. “Yoga isn’t for a certain gender or age group, anyone can try it out. It’s beneficial for all.”

The Yoga Alliance also found that people who practice yoga are 20 percent more likely to have a positive self-image as to compared to the general population.

“You will feel better, have more energy, and think clearer. Everyone has a desire to treat themselves better. I ask a lot of students, ‘What’s in your dialogue? Imagine someone you don’t know saying the things you say to yourself. Would you accept that negativity from a stranger or would you get mad?’ We tend to fall into this pattern of self-bullying. Doubt your doubts. We have to tell ourselves, ‘I’ll try. I can.’ Eventually all of that will become ‘I am.’”

It’s been about four years since her cancer scare, motivating her to reach one ultimate goal. “I want to open a nonprofit for cancer patients to help them find that fire from within. They are going to be dealing with traumatic changes and to help them, we’ll have excursions, practice acupuncture, and emphasize how medicine and natural healing methods can come together.”

Elyse hopes to continue inspiring people by sharing her story of practicing yoga.

You can follow her on Instagram, @yogabyelyse.

You can also learn more about her story here.


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