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No More Guessing

Posted on March 02 2018

It’s a routine Saturday in Durham, North Carolina, and Eddie Felton is making a delivery to a Zumba class of 300 people.

The 28 year old owns and operates a meal prep business, FeltonFit Meal Prep, which is based in the area.

“We provide everything you need to eat healthy … salmon, baked chicken, steak, brown rice,” he said.

With a staff of four people, including his wife, Felton’s business stems from two passions: cooking and helping people live healthier lives.

“My journey began after I started writing diet plans for people and one thing led to another.”

Prior to the creation of FeltonFit Meal Prep, Felton had a career in corporate America. For the most part he was doing okay, until the father of two was handed an empty box to clean out his desk. He had become a victim of the recent economic collapse.

“That’s when I knew I needed something that was sustainable. I wanted to be able to provide for my family.”

Since then, his current work has kept a smile not only on his face, but also the lives of those who he’s changed for the better.

“My customers are always happy to see me on delivery day. I’ve heard so many stories of my customers losing weight, feeling better and looking better.”

Each meal is tailored to suit a customer’s specific goals and diet. Felton said in order to lose weight people have to eat the correct amount of healthy food.

“We take the guessing out of it. Our customers don’t have to worry about how much they need to eat. We make sure they are following their macros by doing all of the calculating for them.”

Although his business is fairly young, a lot has changed over the past year. Felton has seen an increase in his customer base, advanced the ordering process and implemented additions to the menu. He hopes these successful business practices will propel him into the future.

“I would like to franchise FeltonFit Meal Prep, not solely to make money, but to make an impact on people. Childhood obesity is rampant in our society and instead of kids eating at fast-food restaurants, they could have the option to buy from our franchise instead.”

For more information about FeltonFit Meal Prep, you can follow the company’s Instagram, and like the organization’s Facebook page.


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