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Posted on March 02 2018

Nestled in a strip mall near the often hectic Business 15-501 in Durham, N.C., sits Prime Athletic Training & Fitness Institute.

Founded in 2013, owner and personal trainer Desmond L. Scott, 26, works every day to make sure his clients reach their health and fitness goals.

Scott said the path he took to owning Prime was a result of two reasons. “My father was a personal trainer. While I was young, he pushed me to become certified once I became an adult. Being involved in athletics all my life, it made sense for me to train.”

He was an athlete on Duke University’s football team, setting both Duke and Atlantic Coast Conference records.

Following his time at the university, he transitioned from the gridiron to the classroom, teaching physical education at a local school for six months before creating Prime.

Scott said he relied on his faith to steer him in the right direction. “I prayed and talked with the Lord and he told me that what I had to offer was bigger than the classroom … I could touch more people by owning my own business.”

With divine guidance, Scott began work as a part-time personal trainer while he continued to teach. Shortly thereafter, he opened his business.

To keep his clients motivated, Scott relies on one word, mentality. The word is painted on the wall in front of the entrance, forcing patrons to notice it every time they enter the building.

Scott said attaining health and fitness goals start in a person’s mind. “If your mind is not where it needs to be you are not going to reach your physical fitness goals. The first thing we do is challenge your mindset. On your first day we make our clients do something crazy like 1,000 jump ropes. Of course clients look at us funny in the beginning, but a couple of weeks later, they smile when they see how easy the exercise has become.

His gym is unique because of the atmosphere he creates. Scott said he wants to make sure everyone feels welcomed and not intimidated. “We are a family-oriented gym with an encouraging atmosphere. It is all about community here and working together. Our members push each other.”

Along with offering products and services for normal, every day people, Prime also specializes in training athletes who play sports such as football, basketball and volleyball.

As we welcome 2017, many people will begin to form fitness goals, Scott’s advice is simple. “Remember, don’t make anyone else’s health and fitness goals your goals.”

If you need some motivation to get started on a path to fitness join Prime’s Durham Fitness Challenge. It’s a 30-day fitness challengethat allows you to purchase hand-written workouts that will get you in shape. Once you complete the workouts, the next step includes joining Prime in person to continue on your health and wellness journey.


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