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Outsmarting My Opponent

Posted on March 02 2018

Fitness has been an important part of Brandon Cole’s life for as long as he can remember. The 19-year-old is studying Graphic Design and Programming at Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, N.C. When he isn’t in the classroom deep in his textbooks, you can find him on the soccer field.

Cole has played soccer since he was little, quickly finding success in the physically demanding sport. He enjoys playing the game because it challenges him to think about what his opponents are planning to do. “I like it because I have to anticipate what’s about to happen on the next play and a couple of plays after that. You always want to be a few steps ahead of the other team.”

Playing the sport every week as a right back, soccer fits right into his long-term fitness goals. Cole said a lot of times people see working out as an obligation, but that’s not how fitness should be labeled. “Find something fitness related that you are good at and use that to reach and maintain you fitness goals. “If you work out by doing something fun, then you don’t have to worry about reaching your goals. You won’t even think about it. They’ll come when you least expect them.”

With consistency and determination, Cole believes anyone can play soccer. He said it doesn’t matter a person’s fitness level because with practice the game will quickly get him/her into shape and good at the game.

Cole is an avid fan of Wayne Rooney who plays for Manchester United. When he isn’t playing soccer or watching it on TV, you can find him on the football field.

Cole hopes to become either a programmer or texture artist once he graduates from school.


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